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Unlike a car allowance, a mileage allowance is tax-free, but only if it doesn’t exceed a threshold called the approved mileage allowance payment (AMAP).

13 June 2013. Another major factor in how much company car tax you will pay is your personal income tax band.

14p x 500 miles = £70.


. 5,000 (the number of miles driven over 10,000) x £0. .


Check or update your company car tax. . £4,600 for professionals.

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Electricity is taxed differently to other fuels, and HMRC has a much simpler system for reimbursing electric vehicle drivers.


Let’s take a look at how to calculate payments for these rates. The employer reimburses at 15p per mile for a total of £1,725 (11,500 at 15p).

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However, the amount of capital allowance you can claim depends on the type of vehicle in question, i.
Both company cars and those funded via a car allowance fall under the jurisdiction of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

There are two main factors employers should consider in relation to ‘control’, the first being control over employee safety, the second being control over the business’ image.


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