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Enjoy! To be fair – Grim didn’t mean for it to happen.

Language: English. You) involved with all the boys from the Disney Otome game by Anipelx "Twisted Wonderland".

You noticed the mattress too,.

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I don't ever see enough of these books or I've read them all. [twisted wonder x female reader] [name] [last name], the girl who talks to herself and always looks crazy. by 미카♡.

Sharing a bath together - Sebek, Jamil, Silver, Malleus, Jack. 3K 1.


[Reader] is a 17 year old whom is the victim of this.

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. Doomsday Wonderland.

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what happens if yuuken gets thrown in a complete different world and she forces herself in the.
let it down [twisted wonderland x rapunzel! male reader] 21.


attend the queens birthday party enter the lion’s den.

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Discover more posts about twst x reader, twst imagines, twst headcanons, twst fluff, leona kingscholar x reader, twisted wonderland imagines, and Twisted Wonderland x. Now imagine what it would be like to get transported to another world with no possible way to get back home. (Please check chapters over. . . Cross-posted from my tumblr, ojouchann (deactivated)! Chapter 1: Unchanged [Riddle Rosehearts x Reader].


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(a choose your own gender adventure) In which you are a witch from Earth, a witch versed in some of the Magick we know of in this world: not fireworks bursting from your palms or bending water and earth, but jars and candles, sigils and runes, magic circles and talismans.



Headcanons or scenarios are involved.

Headcanons or scenarios are involved.